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I am a skilled and compassionate facilitator who can help your organization go deep and explore questions around diversity, self-expression and sharing your personal story. I hold challenging conversations with care, with an ability to bring out the nuances through storytelling, dialogue and writing. My approach is inviting, expansive, interactive and engaging.

I have worked with many different groups from youth to corporate to seniors, adapting my facilitation style to meet your audience’s needs. I listen deeply to the desires of each group, meeting people where they’re at and exploring their journeys with them. Through shared connection and encouragement, I challenge and empower participants to explore different parts of themselves through writing, sharing and performing.

In my workshops, I acknowledge the fear that may be present when we write or share our stories. I lead by example and share some of my personal experiences in a humorous, engaging and gentle way, helping others see the power of breaking silences and giving them the tools to empower themselves through storytelling. This vulnerability can lead to spaces of connection, healing, self-exploration and hope.

I can facilitate a one-off workshop for your organization or conference, or multiple workshops for your group. I also work as a writing coach with Firefly Creative Writing. Learn more about my work and writing services on the Firefly website.

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My three focus areas:

  • Diversity and Inclusion

  • Self-Expression and Finding Your Voice

  • How to Tell Your Story

Sample workshops:

  • Intro to Spoken Word Poetry

  • Who Am I: Finding and Speaking Your Voice

  • LGBTQ+ and Christian: Walking Towards Wholeness


I am grateful and amazed at Jenna’s gift for nurturing writers. It starts from building a safe space that nurtures the creative spirit, goes on to magically nudge words forth, and gives birth to unique, strong writes.
— Participant


Jenna facilitated a session on gender-based biases and the challenges facing LGBTQ+ communities at a National Girl Guides of Canada event. Her approach to the session was welcoming and accessible for the participants, which fostered a very safe and nurturing space. The session was so empowering for our members and was cited by many as being a highlight of the weekend.
— Jill Zelmanovits, Girl Guides of Canada
Jenna is a fierce advocate for justice through the accessible medium of creative writing and spoken word. Weaving her personal experience through her performance work invites people to attend to matters of privilege and power with a less defensive posture. Jenna’s ability to cultivate environments where people can access their own story, in their many dimensions, is a powerful tool in the journey of reconciliation with self and others.
— Wendy Gritter, Generous Space Ministries
Jenna is an eloquent spoken word artist who has a gift for reaching out to students and relating to them in deep and meaningful ways. Students felt she understood their realities, and offered a diverse and empathic perspective as a queer woman of colour.
— Larry Gauthier, Ridgemont High School

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