Huffington Post: from tears of shame to proudly existing at my first Pride

Toronto Pride (Caro Ibrahim). Imagine this: you're on Church Street for your first Pride and find yourself crying in a sea of people, "I don't want to be gay." Let's just say I had a lot of internalized homophobia to work through and I've come a long way.

Going to my first Pride in Toronto helped me see what was possible, especially being at a dance party with many people of colour and seeing lots of women in dresses. At the time, I didn’t realize the multiple ways I could present as a queer woman and it was still okay to wear dresses.

There were people who looked like me. It was possible for me to exist. I didn’t have to change.

I hope this Pride helps other LGBTQ+ people see possibilities and experience solidarity (especially after Orlando), and the beautiful ways they can exist. Check out my latest piece in The Huffington Post, as well as some of my thoughts on Orlando.