House of PainT

(James Park/House of PainT)

I believe in the power of storytelling as a form of connection, vulnerability and realizing we are not alone in our experiences. These principles guide my poetry and music as I explore the complexities of identity, finding one’s voice, relationships and building bridges between diverse communities. Whether I am exploring the challenges of growing up as a Chinese-Jamaican Canadian or queer Christian, audiences see themselves reflected in my thought-provoking work of hope and grief, shame and belonging, silence and living your truths and coming to terms with their identity.

Conference Storytelling
I can help bring your conference to life by sharing your conference story and uniting participants in a common vision. I do extensive research before the conference on your themes, speakers and what you are looking for. At the conference, I observe talks, hear from participants and write a summative piece for your conference finale. I have transformed the atmosphere at several conferences in Toronto and Ottawa, including the Inspirit Foundation National Change Up Conference, Community Knowledge Exchange (CKX) Summit, Rideau Hall Foundation Activate Weekend and the Digital Governance Forum.

I can also write you and your organization a commissioned piece on any topic through extensive research and interviews. I have written commissioned pieces for the National Restorative Justice Symposium, Era 21 Networking Breakfast for Young Canadians, weddings and personal events.


(Dave Chidley/CKX)

“Passionate. Engaging. Inspired. This is how I’d describe Jenna Tenn-Yuk’s contributions to the inaugural CKX Summit. Jenna was omni-present as our poet-in-residence over the course of the three day exercise in community knowledge field building that was CKX. She listened to, engaged in and recounted her thoughts and experiences with participants through story and poetry. Her workshop on spoken word poetry was among the most popular sessions at the Summit and her spirited and passionate Culture Shock performance – featuring a pair of original spoken work poems performed at the event’s closing – were brilliant reminders of the power of stories and storytelling in creating social change.”
– Lee Rose, Community Knowledge Exchange (CKX), Director

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