I recently spoke at the Walrus Talks in Fredericton with seven other incredible speakers and activists around the country. I explored the power of storytelling and representation, and the challenges still facing LGBTQ+ communities. I also shared parts of my personal story and my struggles as a queer-Christian woman of colour.

I was really nervous and stressed before my talk, wondering how I could say all of that in seven minutes!

I met many kind people after my talk, including youth, Christians and other queer people who resonated with my story. A grade 6 student asked for my autograph, so she could share it with her GSA at her school (I wanted to cry!) Another high school student let me know their school was getting an all-gender washroom.

These moments remind me why I do this work.

Sharing my personal story can be really challenging, exhausting and vulnerable. But I know it’s important for people – especially youth to see themselves represented and to know they’re not alone in their experiences. Our stories have the power to change and save lives.

When you have seven minutes, check out my talk below and then watch some of the other amazing speakers!